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We’ve gathered together on this page some of the questions most asked by our employees. The questions are arranged topically by Home Office Department. If you don't see your question answered here, please feel free to contact us at the Home Office 706-778-7527 or

How do I change the address on my paycheck?

Address changes should be sent to the Payroll Department at the Home Office. All address changes require a signature

I have not received my W-2 form. How can I get another copy?

Please call the Payroll Department in the Home Office at 7067787527

Who can I contact about my garnishment or child support payroll deductions?

Any deductions taken from your paycheck are done so only under an Order from the Court. If you feel a garnishment or child support deduction is in error, please contact the issuing Court to resolve any issues. Please note that deductions cannot be stopped without a direct Order from the Court to release the previous Order.

Who do I call to add or delete dependents?

Contact Payroll Dept at 7067787527

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